Zimbabwe strike planned Thursday despite a police order

The largest trade union called for national protests. Photo : RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Zimbabwe’s largest trade union called for national protests on Thursday as the country’s economic crisis worsens, but police said they would halt any demonstrations in Harare due to a cholera outbreak.

The Zimbabwe Congress Trade Union (ZCTU) said the strike was triggered by sharp price hikes, a new tax on electronic transactions and daily shortages ranging from fuel to drugs.

“We are going to approach the courts. We do not think the police have a legal basis (for any ban),” ZCTU president Peter Mutasa said on Tuesday.

“They are just trying to intimidate people into not joining the march,” he said, adding he would still call for a national shutdown.

Public gatherings were banned in Harare last month to tackle the cholera outbreak that has claimed at least 49 lives. Authorities have said the disease is now under control.

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