Morocco navy rescues 452 sub-saharan suspected of illegal immigration

The Royal Moroccan Navy invested intensively these last years to purchase the latest technologies in military boats capable of geniously patroling every day the country's large shores of about 3,500 km from the boarder with Mauritania in the Atlantic Ocean to Algeria in the Mediterranean. Photo : RMN

Casablanca, Morocco (ADV) – The Moroccan royal navy rescued 452 sub-saharan suspected illegal immigrants on Wednesday off the Mediterranean sea, Morocco’s army said.

The migrants were carried by 15 inflatable boats heading to Spain since Tuesday and ran into trouble, according to the army.

All the migrants were brought safely to the Port of Ksar Sghir, the army said, adding that an inflatable boat in a dilapidated condition sank right after the rescue.

At the last weekend, the Moroccan navy rescued 615 illegal sub-saharan immigrants after assisting 31 inflatable boats off the Mediterranean sea.

In recent months, Morocco has been witnessing a significant hike in illegal immigration attempts.

Morocco thwarted at least 54,000 attempts to smuggle sub-saharan illegal immigrants into Europe in the first eight months of 2018, compared with 39,000 attempts a year earlier, the Moroccan government said.

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