Egypt : court pronounces death penalty for 17 criminals

Egyptian High Court of Justice. Photo : EJ

NEWSROOM (ADV) – An Egyptian court on Thursday sentenced 17 Islamists to death over accusations of bombing three churches in Egypt, which left 82 Copts killed, official news agency MENA reported.

Other 19 persons received life sentences (25 years in Egypt) and 15 were handed eight years in jail over the same charges.

In April 2017, twin suicide bombings took place at St. George’s Church in the city of Tanat and Saint Mark’s Coptic orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria, leaving 45 people killed and 126 injured.

Another attack took place in the Capital St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, killing 37, in 2016.

The defendants were also convicted of attempted murder of 14 policemen in Cairo nearby security check point.

At least 166 persons were wounded in the three attacks.

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