UGANDA : Fenix International, a solar player, moves from the USA to Uganda

Founded in 2009, Fenix International was acquired on October 19, 2017 by Engie, a French energy company. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Subsidiary of Engie, a giant of electricity, Fenix International, a major player in solar energy in Africa, has decided to establish its world headquarters in Uganda. Its deployment in Africa will create 2,000 jobs, including more than 500 in Uganda by 2020.

The company specializing in solar energy, has announced the transformation of its Kampala headquarters in Uganda, a global base. This transformation will be accompanied by the relocation of management positions from San Francisco to the United States for the Ugandan capital. Fenix specifies that the company will invest locally in setting up and training teams specializing in technologies, materials and software.

Fenix International, which currently employs over 350 people and distributes domestic solar systems to more than one million people, wants to beef up its workforce to conquer the continental market. By 2020, the company plans to employ 2,000 people, including more than 500 in Uganda.

Founded in 2009, Fenix International was acquired on October 19, 2017 by Engie, a French energy company ranked among the five largest global energy groups in 2015. At the time, Bruno Bensasson, General Manager of Engie Africa had clarified the group’s ambitions in these terms: “Fenix will be Engie’s dynamic engine of growth for solar home operations in Africa; it will enable us to become one of the profitable leaders in the off-grid service market on the continent, reaching millions of customers by 2020 “.

Fenix International operates mainly in East Africa. After having established itself in Uganda, where it supplies individual solar systems (SHS) to some 140,000 customers, Fenix International has deployed in Zambia. It has established a partnership with the telecom company MTN Zambia. The two partners have already enabled 150,000 people living in off-grid homes to have clean, clear light, cell phone recharges and a TV connected to the satellite.

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