North Africa : experts meeting on the impact of violent extremism on gender

Tunisia was unanimously elected back in 2016 on the executive board of UN-Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and women's empowerment. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The United Nations Women’s Fund, in cooperation with the Institute for Foreign Development (ODI), is organizing a regional meeting on “Gender and the Prevention of Violent Extremism” on 8-9 October in Tunis, with the participation of a group of experts from North Africa: Egypt , Libya, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Through the sessions, participants will exchange information and best practices on gender and prevention of violent extremism.

Experts in collaboration with the United Nations Women’s Fund and the Institute for External Development (ODI), vow to identify ways of sharing information in the future. The Institute for External Development (ODI) will issue a report on the proceedings of the meeting.

There is no agreed definition of the concept of neither «violent extremism» nor the best way to address and prevent it. However, there are practical definitions of the term “combating violent extremism”, one of which is “the use of non-coercive means to persuade individuals or groups to mobilize against violence and reduce recruitment, support, facilitation or participation in ideological terrorism perpetrated by non-state actors, To reach political objectives.

The overall objective of the Expert Meeting is to address these differences, from the North African perspective, and to review ways of raising awareness and systematically sensitizing gender issues associated with strategies to prevent violent extremism.

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