Tunisia : president Essebsi’s large tribute to young Palestinian icon Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi meets Tunisian president. Photo : Alaraby

Casablanca, Morocco (ADV) – According to a presidency press release, Essebsi said that his invitation to Ahed Tamimi and the tribute paid to her by Tunisia “are a form of recognition for the fight and sacrifices by several generations of Palestinians. It is also an acknowledgement of the justice of the Palestinian cause, and its value in the conscience of Tunisian people.”

During his meeting with Tamimi, Essebsi said that Tunisia continues to support Palestinian people and their right to set up their independent state.

Tamimi expressed her gratitude to the Tunisian president for inviting.

This visit coincided with the 33rd anniversary of “the Wooden Leg Operation,” a code name given to the Israeli Air Force attack on the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) south of capital Tunis on October 1, 1985, which killed dozens of Palestinians and Tunisians.

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