Sudan – Egypt : new impetus for reviving the Nile Valley Parliament

Nile River at the border of Egypt and Sudan. Photo : Ninaras

Casablanca, Morocco (ADV) – Sudanese and Egyptian parliaments will meet by the end of October to study the possibility of reviving the Nile Valley Parliament, official SUNA news agency reported.

The announcement was made by Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, speaker of the Sudanese National Assembly, during his Monday meeting in the capital Khartoum with Omran Al Khatab Marwan, Egypt’s Minister of Council of Representatives.

The two sides reviewed bilateral parliament relations and means to further development, SUNA said.

The meeting also reviewed the efforts being made to revive the Nile Valley Parliament and how to coordinate the work between the two parliaments.

The Nile Valley Parliament, a framework bringing together the Sudanese and Egyptian parliaments, was established in 1981 to enhance bilateral cooperation. The latter ceased activity in April 1985.

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