Congo: an opponent just released banned from traveling to France

The Congolese opponent Paulin Makaya. Photo: Facebook/Paulin Makaya

Casablanca, Morocco (ADV) – The Congolese opponent Paulin Makaya, just released after three years of detention, was prevented on Friday night from boarding a scheduled Air France flight to Paris, his family was told Saturday.

“My father Paulin Makaya was banned by the border police from flying out of Air France because he would not be allowed to go out of Congo,” his son Russel Makaya said.

“The same police asked him to go see the public prosecutor, the same who issued him the ticket out of the prison”, September 17, he added.

Images circulating on social networks show Paulin Makaya, dressed in blue, posing with his family in the lobby of Maya-Maya airport and at his home, late at night, where he returned with his luggage.

Leader of United for Congo (UPC, a young unelected opposition party), close to former Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas, Makaya was sentenced to two years in prison for organizing an unauthorized demonstration in October 2015 against the referendum that allowed President Sassou Nguesso to run again in the presidential election of March 2016.

Mr. Sassou Nguesso has more than 34 years in power in the Congo, a small oil country in Central Africa (about five million inhabitants).

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