Congo: opponent Paulin Makaya still in prison

Paulin Makaya. Photo: BBC

Casablanca, Morocco (ADV) – Congolese opponent Paulin Makaya was still in jail on Saturday, two days after the Brazzaville justice ordered his release, according to his lawyer.

“He still occupies his cell at the Brazzaville prison because the prosecutor has not issued his ticket,” told his lawyer, Mr. Yvon Eric Ibouanga.

“Keeping him in prison is like a political maneuver,” he said.

Neither the prosecutor nor the direction of the prison administration were reachable Saturday night.

Thursday, the opponent of President Denis Sassou Nguesso had been sentenced to one year in prison for complicity in escape. Justice ordered his release because he served his sentence.

Makaya was sentenced to two years in prison for organizing in October 2015 an unauthorized protest against the referendum that allowed President Sassou Nguesso to run for president again in March 2016, which he won.

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