Algeria : 41 confirmed cases of cholera

The Ministry of Health has made public the existence of a cholera epidemic in Algeria. Photo RR

Casablanca (ADV) – Health authorities in Algeria announced late on Thursday the outbreak of cholera, saying there have been 41 confirmed cases out of 88 suspected who are getting medical treatment at hospitals in northern Algeria.

The ministry specified that the highest number of cholera affected cases was recorded in Blida province, 50 km south of Algiers, as 50 people have been admitted, including 22 confirmed cases.

In the capital Algiers, 14 people are suspected of being affected, including 5 confirmed cases. In Tipaza province, 50 km west of Algiers, 18 people are hospitalized, of which 11 confirmed cases. Six other cases including three confirmed were identified in the province of Bouira, 100 km southeast of Algiers.

All of the suspected cholera cases are currently in isolation at different hospitals receiving medical treatment, noted the source.

The ministry denied the reports that the cholera outbreak is due to water contamination. Experts of the ministry said the outbreak is probably due to contaminated fruits and vegetables, urging populations to take prevention measures.

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