CAF President responds to rumors about Morocco hosing CAN 2019

CAF President Ahmad Ahmad. Photo: RR.

Casablanca (ADV) – President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has confirmed that the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) will be hosted by Cameroon, not Morocco.

Even though Cameroon is still facing some issues regarding the organization of CAN 2019, CAF President Ahmad Ahmad affirmed that the African competition is maintained in Cameroon.

Cameroon has been struggling with delays in the construction of stadiums after thousands of workers went on strike. Also, foreign companies have stopped working due to the fact that the Cameroonian government is not able to meet its financial obligations.

“CAN 2019 will be held in Cameroon … until proven otherwise,” CAF President Ahmad stated in an interview.

“There is an inspection visit at the moment in Cameroon. The difference today in the new governance of CAF is that everything rests on a whole, a group. The president is here to reorganize, to coordinate. There is a team that is already in place, currently led by the secretary general in charge of football,” he added.

Earlier this month, Morocco’s minister of sports denied the possibility of the country hosting CAN 2019.

“I can affirm that we have not thought for even one second about hosting the CAN because there is no reason for it,” the minister stated.

Bur-csa – Oumaima Derfoufi – ADV