Uganda : Museveni safe and sound after attack on his cortege

President Yoweri Museveni smiles at Khartoum Airport during an official visit to Sudan. Photo : RR

Casablanca (ADV) – Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday said he was not hurt in a Monday attack on his convoy in the northwestern Ugandan district of Arua.

Museveni in a statement issued here said opposition supporters threw stones at one of his cars, where he put some luggage, breaking the rear glass window.

“There was no harm on the old man with a hat,” he said. Museveni normally wears a hat.

“It is a big shame to have such confused people who want to use violence to intimidate Ugandans. Nobody has a right to intimidate any Ugandan by word or action,” he added.

Museveni said the attack could have resulted into several deaths if his security details had resorted to using live ammunition.

He said during the scuffle one of the attackers who has since been identified as Yasin Kawuma was shot dead. Museveni blamed this on the weak crowd management by the police and what he called the criminal behavior of some opposition leaders.

Police on Tuesday said security agencies had arrested three lawmakers and scores of opposition supporters in relation to the stoning of the convoy.

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