Algeria : 7 soldiers killed in anti-terror operation

Seven Algerian soldiers were killed in the anti-terror operation, several others were wounded. © Photo: RR

Casablanca (ADV) – Seven soldiers were killed during a violent clash with more than 15 terrorists in the upper mountains of the eastern province of Skikda.

Local media has reported the death of seven Algerian soldiers during an anti-terror operation that took place in the dense woods of Azzaba locality. The operation started on Monday, since then, three Kalashnikov machine guns, a semi-automatic rifle and a quantity of ammunition were retrieved.

Several soldiers were injured during the clash that involved more than 15 terrorists.

The Defence Ministry had previously announced that its counterterrorism troops killed four terrorists during the operation, while another one was captured alive.

Bur-csa – Oumaima Derfoufi – ADV