Morocco : “Soulalyate women” to get equal rights on land

One of the Soulalyate women celebrating their access to equal rights on land. Kenitra, Morocco. ©Photo: RR

Casablanca (ADV) – Soulalyate women in Kenitra have witnessed the concretisation of their ultimate goal: equal rights to their ancestral lands, after militating for years.

Soulalyates are traditional communities in Morocco that own land collectively based on ancestral ties or kinship. These Moroccan women of the collective lands represent a community of about 4,563 women spread over 55 regions across Morocco. The total area of collective lands is estimated at 15 million hectares.

For a long time, Soulalyate women have been deprived from their share of land exploitation, leading them to break their silence about customs and laws governing large neglected areas of Morocco, and speak up for their rights. The Soulalyate women campaign started in 2009 , with actions undertaken by ADFM, which is the democratic association of women in Morocco. The association has recently made an official statement on social media, announcing the Soulalyate women’s victory in obtaining equal rights on their ancestral lands.

“Hundreds of Soulaliyate women in Kenitra are today receiving equal rights with men in the form of financial compensation as well as plots of land. For the first time, the Soulaliyates of the Ben Mansour tribe and the Ouled Mbarek tribe, two ethnic communities in the Kenitra province, will benefit equally with men” ADFM stated.

“Today is a great day for Soulaliyate women in Kenitra who are celebrating with immense joy the culmination of their struggles for a right they militated for, for a long time…” ADFM declared. ©Photo: RR

Bur-csa – Oumaima Derfoufi – ADV