India to open 18 embassies in Africa

Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi announces the opening of 18 embassies in Africa. ©Photo: RR

Casablanca (ADV) – Indian Prime Minister Modi has announced the opening of 18 embassies in Africa, in the aim of strengthening India’s presence on the continent.

The Indian Prime Minister delivered a speech in the Ugandan parliament, which constituted the first ever delivered by a serving Indian prime minister in the country.

“Our people are among the many threads that connect Uganda and India together,” Mr Modi said.

“India will work for you and with you; we will stand with you in your endeavours. We will speak for you and with you,” the Indian prime minister added.

Through the opening of its several new embassies in Africa, India aims to strengthen its presence on the continent and boost its investments while keeping its markets open to African states. According to Mr Modi, this will “make it easier and more attractive to trade with India”.

He also declared that two-thirds of Indian and Ugandan population was under the age of 35, and “if the future belongs to the youth then this is the time to build”.

Bur-csa – Oumaima Derfoufi – ADV