Morocco / Congo: new cooperation in the field of logistics

Mustapha El Khalfi, the spokesman of the Moroccan government, during a press conference. ©, Photo: RR

Casablanca, (ADV with agencies) – The Moroccan Governing Council adopted, Thursday, July 19, the draft law No. 65-18 approving the cooperation agreement in the field of logistics between the Government of Morocco and the Government of the Republic of Congo, a said government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi.

This agreement, signed in Brazzaville on April 30, aims to lay the foundations for cooperation between the two countries in the development of the logistics sector, said El Khalfi in a statement read at a press briefing held at the end of the Governing Council meeting.

This cooperation is based on capacity building and the promotion of partnerships and the exchange of experiences and expertise in the field of logistics, concluded Mustapha El Khalfi.

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