Eritrea: first ambassador to Ethiopia in two decades

Semere Russom, first Ambassador to Ethiopia. ©, Photo: RR

Casablanca, (ADV with agencies) – Eritrea has appointed its first ambassador to neighboring Ethiopia in two decades, the government said on Saturday.

The job went to Semere Russom, Eritrea’s current education minister and former ambassador to the United States, Information Minister Yemane Meskel said on Twitter.

The development was part of a head-snapping series of diplomatic moves between the two nations, after they formally declared an end this month to their “state of war,” a two-decade standoff that followed a brutal border conflict that claimed about 80,000 lives.

For information, Semere Russom, served as Eritrean Ambassador to the United States and Canada. Afterwards he continued his career in public service as Director of European Affairs in the Eritrea Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 2001, and on 2002he left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to become the Mayor of Asmara and the Administrator of the Central Region of Eritrea. In April 2007 he was appointed to head the Ministry of Education while continuing service as the Mayor and Administrator of Asmara, and the Central Region respectively.

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