Senegal : Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall will not be released from prison

Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall, arrested for embezzling 1.8 billion CFA francs from the Dakar City Council’s fund. © Photo: RR

Casablanca, (ADV) – The request for Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall’s provisional release has been rejected by the court of appeal in Dakar. DembaKendji, presiding judge, decided that the mayor will remain in prison.

Khalifa Sall was accused last March for having embezzled 1.8 billion CFA francs from the Dakar City Council’s fund. He was arrested along with seven colleagues of his, guilty of fraud related to public funds”, “forgery and use of forgery in administrative documents” and “complicity in forgery.” Khalifa Sall was sentenced five years in prison, a fine, and the seizure of one fifth of his properties.

However, Sall’s lawyers argue that some of the mayor’s rights were not respected, such as the presumption of innocence and the right of the accused person to be assisted by a lawyer. They therefore requested that the Senegalese state pays 35 million CFA francs to Khalifa Sall, as well as the provisional release of the mayor.

Dakar court of appeal has approved their request regarding the payment, but strictly refused the request for Sall’s provisional release. The mayor will remain in prison.

Bur-csa – O.D – ADV