Gabon : Expanding African-Russian friendship to new hikes

Russian president Putin honoring his Egyptian guest, president al-Sisi during a visit to Russia © RR

Casablanca, (ADV) – As earlier as last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly received two African leaders, Gabonese Ali Bongo Ondimba and Sudanese Omar al-Bashir, within the framework of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

While meeting them separately in the Kremlin, Putin reaffirmed Russia’s role in and support for african countries specifically in Central African Republic, and other regional conflicts in parts of Africa. The meetings were also to consolidate the existing brotherly diplomatic relations.

During the meeting, Ali Bongo said that “Russia is a huge country, which has enormous capabilities and which can, of course, contribute a lot to the continent.”

From above statement, Ali Bongo was encouraging the Kremlin authorities to raise Russia’s economic profile on the continent to match with its global status. As already known, African countries have seriously adopted “economic diplomacy” and are looking to find pragmatic solutions to issues relating to infrastructure development, foreign trade and investment cooperation.

Russia is an old beloved friend to Africa. Putin seeks to deepen the already good relations he enjoy with every country in the continent by engaging in new strategic dialogues and renewed win-win partnerships. Russia is keen to respecting countries’ sovereignty and it breaths air of mutual respect from its African friends.

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