Libya : new ceasefire in Tripoli

Withdrawal of rebel militias. Photo: AFP

Casablanca, Morocco – (ADV) – Amid bloody clashes between militias that have been intermittently raging in the southern part of Tripoli, a new ceasefire has immediately led two groups to leave the capital. The two groups had attacked it by fighting against the position of Premier Fayez Al Sarraj, causing at least 115 victims and 560 wounded.

The agreement on a ceasefire was announced by the Department of security in Tripoli and by the ”Force of protection” in the capital, a new coalition of nine militias that defended the premier from the attack of the Seventh Brigade rebel group from Tarhuna and by Somoud (Resistance) of Misrata-based hawk Salah Badi.

The accord ended the second round of clashes after the first ceased with a truce agreed on September 4 under UN supervision but violated on September 17. In that first phase of clashes, which lasted nine days, 78 were reported dead and 103 wounded.

The agreement provides for the handover of all positions at the center of the conflict to the joint force formed by the Presidential Council led by Sarraj.

There is also recognition for the Seventh Brigade which sparked the clashes and which is now considered part of the staff of the national unity government although it was dissolved last April.

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