Botswana’s Masisi mulls on changing constitution

Botswana President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, PHOTO: AFP

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – While he was at the South-East Regional Congress in Tlokwen over weekend, Botswana and Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) President Mokgweetsi Masisi is said to have expressed an interest on pioneering a constitutional review which he has called a “long overdue” and promised to make it a part of his presidential mandate, the Voice reported.

“I am making a promise that we shall have Constitutional Review in our manifesto,” said Masisi.

“I admit that we should have long looked at it. I promise that we shall review the Constitution. There are still some minority challenges in the party that I’m dealing with but it shall pass. The people giving us a headache are a minority. They shall turn around.”

Meanwhile, Masisi also took advantage of the congress to address the recently approval of culling the elephants underlining that lifting the hunting ban was for a good cause.

“I run a consultative government. We have a problem with human wildlife conflict. I never said we will go all out and kill all elephants in Botswana. We are under attack and these people are acting in concert with some Batswana. It is sad. I have offered them some of the elephants and they are welcome to help us reduce their population. They can take 200 of our elephants for free and if they are not satisfied we will give them lions and buffaloes. I am not going to be intimidated while wildlife kills our people,” he added.

He further encouraged Batswana to be major participants in the country’s tourism industry.

“I have made a decision that Batswana participate in the economy, particularly in the tourism sector. I make no apology. We want our space. We can’t be guests in our country. We cannot allow people to allocate themselves fertile land and we become guests in our own country never.”

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