Fuel oil spills into Namibia’s Windhoek’s sewerage system

Windhoek sewerage plant, PHOTO: Namibian Sun

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – The purification of water at the Windhoek’s sewerage system has been placed on hold after a spill of fuel oil into the system, the Namibian Sun has reported.

Ohlthaver and List Group spokesperson, Roux-ché Locke, disclosed that the spill of somewhere between 4 000 and 6 000 litres of heavy fuel oil occurred yesterday morning at the Namibia Dairies factory in Avis after a technical problem was experienced with a pipeline

“We took immediate action when we became aware of the spill. Along with stakeholders, including the City of Windhoek, we worked to halt any further damage and pollution,” she said adding that an investigation into the scope of the spill is currently under way.

According to Locke, the Namibia Diaries has taken on the full responsibility to ensure that all aspects of environmental pollution and damage are being treated in the most responsible manner.

The polluted water cannot be treated and purified by the Gammams plant as it would damage the systems.

Windhoek’s household waste water is treated at Gammams first, after which it is further purified at the more advanced Goreangab plant. Waste water is also treated at the Goreangab but this is mostly used as grey water. Ujams, north of the city, takes in industrial waste water which contains metals and is too toxic for Gammams.

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